Review of the latest Da Lat pink grass hill in October 2021

Da Lat pink grass hill is located next to the Golden Valley Tourist Area, from the gate of the tourist area on the right, there is a small path going about 2-3 km, you will see the hillside full of pink grass. The time when the pink grass grows thick: mid-November to the end of December. Best viewing time: 5 a.m. until sunrise. In addition, there is still a very familiar hillside full of pink grass in the lonely pine tree area, but it is not until the end of November that it starts to shine more brightly.


Winter in the snowy field of Dalat.

Pink grass is a typical cold grass that has been found in recent years in Da Lat around the hillside areas, the lake shore hidden deep in the pine forest. This grass stretches to form a pink savannah, the best thing is that thanks to the climate characteristics of the “fog city”, this grass becomes even more shimmering when exposed to morning dew. The glittering dew drops on the pink grass form a poetic image of the “snow meadow” that people will see in the winter in Da Lat.

The dreamy grasslands are the favorite places to take pictures of tourists from all over the world.

Close-up of special pink grass.


The most beautiful moment of the pink grass hill is when the sun comes out, the sun shines through the shimmering morning dew and the beautiful pink grass color, to see that magical scenery you have to get up very early. Many visitors shared: “Having to struggle internally between a good night’s sleep in the cold city and waking up to see the beauty of the mountain town is really difficult”, but many of you still did not give up. Pink is almost full on weekend mornings of winter.

The most beautiful pink grass in the morning…

Many tourists, especially the wedding photography crew, come to the pink grass hill.

Directions to the two most beautiful pink grass hills in Dalat
The way to the Rose Grass Hill Golden Valley


The road to this Da Lat pink grass hill is very easy to go because the whole road is large, 45-seat cars can also go, but only close to the ticket sales to the tourist area, not inside. Looking on the right hand side of the gate of the resort, you will see a winding trail on both sides of the pine forest, every further 2-3 km, the pink grass hill will appear right in front of your eyes, for the best sightseeing. You should go deep inside because there are many people coming and going, so taking pictures will be quite difficult.

You are free to pose and have beautiful photos.

If you go on rainy days, the road will be very muddy because the entrance is a dirt road. It is better to go in the early morning, but it is not recommended to go alone or with only 2 girls! It’s safer to go in groups or with a male, because it’s the forest road anyway!

The sunlight in the morning dew formed small rainbows on the grass.

Close-up of the shimmering grass bushes in the morning dew.

The path to the pink grass hill area Lonely pine tree


The lonely pine tree is an extremely popular tourist destination, but it is spontaneous tourism, so it is quite dangerous, almost to get here quickly and safely, visitors should find a guide or go with friends who have been there. come earlier because the road is quite difficult to go! If you follow google maps, you have to be careful because it is easy to get lost in the winding and remote forest roads.


When going here, remember the directions clearly and ensure safety and surroundings.


While traveling, you should remember this route as follows: From the center you go to Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, follow the traffic signs to the direction of Golden Valley tourist area, then go straight along Ankroet road to Ankroet hydroelectric dam, continue Continue to go through Tien Sa eco-tourism area for a long way, then you will see an empty land on the right hand side. There is a small path in that clearing that was formerly used by foresters, but now many tourists follow it, so it is quite easy to see.
Follow that road, you will see a small stream, crossing you have reached the lonely pine tree. However, when coming here, it should be noted: Take a car or a terrain vehicle because it is extremely difficult to cross the forest road. The second option is to take the ferry, taking the ferry is easier and faster (about 70,000 VND -100,000 VND / person) but this is a spontaneous boat without management, so it is difficult to ensure safety. In general, although this is a beautiful place, when you come here, you should be careful, it is better to have safe travel skills.


A beautiful place for winter in the land of fog.

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