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INTRODUCTION OF Vietjet Air's in-flight advertising

General introduction to advertising on airplanes
Airplane is one of the most expensive and luxurious means of transport, it plays a very important role, which is to transport a large number of passengers to destinations in the country and around the world. gender. In recent years, Vietnam’s aviation industry has experienced remarkable rapid development, mainly thanks to the economy, cultural exchange and tourism.

Not out of the hot trend of the market, airplanes have also officially become a vehicle used in the field of outdoor advertising for brands, targeting potential customers in the segment. is quite expensive, so of course the cost is also much higher than other forms. Most airlines are now involved in the field of providing advertising services at airports across the country.

Advertising on airplanes has quite a variety of forms both inside and outside, giving businesses more choices to find the most suitable form. Each type has different properties, characteristics, and approaches to customers, leading to a certain difference in quotes.

Demographic statistics of users boarding

why does aviation advertising “rise to the throne”? Advantages and effectiveness when choosing airline advertising

Advertising on the fuselage & inside the plane is a new, luxurious and potential advertising channel. Advertising affects the right target audience of high-end high-income customers. Advertising images are repeated many times during a flight that usually lasts many hours. Aircraft advertising if deep targeting can target the right customers in accordance with the starting point and destination.

Why should you choose to advertise on Vietjet Air
In-flight advertising of Vietjet possesses many outstanding advantages and is always the first choice of businesses. With a variety of advertising positions both inside and outside, businesses can reach viewers in a multi-dimensional way and from many different distances.

In addition to 17 domestic routes, Vietjet Air also operates 36 international routes (Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, Myanmar, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, …) with 80 ships. modern flying.

The customer segment of Vietjet Air focuses on young, dynamic customers whose incomes are mainly from mid- to high-income. Additionally, the airline is also targeting people who know how to use electronic devices and social apps.

With the rapid growth in the number of customers, Vietjet Air will bring to partners using advertising services an effective communication that customers are most satisfied with.

According to Qmedia Ambient 2015, 92% of passengers traveling by plane can remember advertising messages many hours after the flight; 86% of passengers on flights are in a positive mood to receive advertising messages.

According to Mckinsey & Company 2013, 77% of the passengers on the flights asked said that they feel nostalgic about the programs that are broadcast on the plane if they can’t watch them anymore.

From here we can see the potential of using the in-flight advertising service in general.

In addition, there is a special reason when customers decide to use Vietjet Air’s advertising services.

Different customer segments (from affordable to high-end); Reach out to a relatively large number of customers.


Common forms of airplane advertising

  • Advertisement on body aircraft
  • Chair tray advertisement
  • Advertisement on luggage compartment lid
  • In-flight menu advertisement
  • Advertisement on paper cups, tissues, vomit bags
  • Advertising on e-tickets, boarding passes
  • Advertisement flyers, charts, samples.