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ABOUT ONE2FLY Aviation Magazine

Currently, information advertising through magazine publications on flights is considered an effective form of advertising to be able to reach customers INTELLIGENTLY and FLEXIBLE.
The magazine is published in even months of the year (January 2, issue 6 issues/year).
One2Fly magazine (the only media publication on Vietjet Air) is considered as one of the leading magazines attracting the attention of many domestic and international readers with the following outstanding advantages:

• Target customers: politicians, business people, office workers, middle-level managers and above, consumers…with a good and stable average income.

• Large distribution channel: on all domestic and INTERNATIONAL flights of Vietjet Air.

• Mass release: 40,000 copies/period/ 2 months (can be adjusted depending on peak or off-peak month).

• The number of flights operated more than: 400 flights / day (Including 48 domestic routes and 36 international routes with more than 80 modern aircraft).

• More magazine readers: 2.2 million views/period.

• Content: diversity, quality, providing a lot of socio-economic information; fashion, travel, consumer entertainment… Made by a team of professional and creative journalists.

• Presentation: professionally designed and presented according to international standards, advertising is modern, youthful, fashionable and stylish.

• Strategy & Vision: In Singapore, Vietjet and Aribus signed an order to deploy more than 100 aircraft to serve the airline’s future development plan.

VietJet Air is considered a great choice in advertising and introducing your brand and products. Customers have the need to register for the service to take the brand of their unit to fly high and far away

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one2fly releases

The magazine is published in the following months: 12+1; 2+3; 4+5; 6+7; 8+9; 10+11 (January 2 issue, 6 issues/year).