Da Lat – the Sweet Taste of life

Located in Lam Dong province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, Da Lat has long been celebrated as one of Vietnam’s premier green tourist paradises. With its year-round temperate weather and unique microclimate, Da Lat is a natural wonder blessed with abundance of fruits and flowers, and a diverse terrain composed of mountains, rivers, lakes, and waterfalls. Beyond its breathtaking scenery, Da Lat has long been a cradle for many wonderful agricultural products. Gardens and farms are filled with vibrant flowers and lush vegetable beds; the sweet aroma of strawberries hangs in the air; tea plantations, fields of artichoke, and the distinctive scent of top-quality Arabica coffee, all create a vivid and colorful landscape. These precious products have also made Da Lat a unique gem in the heart of Lam Dong.

Da Lat flower garden
Da Lat flower garden


A hotspot for advanced agriculture

Besides being blessed with a favorable climate and fertile soil, Lam Dong Province has also developed its human resources and related technologies for its agricultural development, eco-tourism services, and the processing industry in recent years. Indeed, this region is a “bright spot” for high-tech agriculture in Vietnam. High-tech agricultural models, including greenhouses, net houses, automated irrigation systems, hydroponic farming, and superior new plant varieties, have propelled Lam Dong’s agricultural products forward. The brand campaign “Da Lat – Magical Crystallization from Good Land” has also made significant strides in both domestic and international markets.

chili in Da Lạt
The Chili

Vegetables and flowers as trademarks

Famed not only for its fresh flowers, Da Lat is also known as a paradise of green vegetables and sweet fruits. Signature products from Da Lat like bok choy, lettuce, cabbage, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, squash, artichokes, tea, strawberries, avocados, and persimmons, have all become trademarks of this fertile land. Culinary delights made from these fresh ingredients, such as garden salads, nourishing hot pots, and sweet artichoke bone soup, are sure to please even the most discerning palates. Da Lat is also the perfect place to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables to bring home as gifts for family and friends.

Dalat vegetable garden
The vegetable garden
An Việt 3

Eco-tourism and farm experiences

One of Da Lat’s main attractions for visitors is its eco-tourism and farm experiences. Expansive fruit and vegetable gardens, colorful flower valleys, and fields of juicy red strawberries beckon tourists to immerse themselves in nature and explore the unique agricultural beauty of this misty land. They can learn about high-tech agricultural production processes and how farmers harvest fresh produce while enjoying the delicious flavors of green vegetables and sweet fruits firsthand.

Nông trại cún Puppy Farm 2
Puppy Farm
Vườn hồng Lễ Vẫn 2
Avocado 034
The Lạt Vintage 3
The Lạt Vintage

Arabica coffee – elevating Lam Dong to new heights!

With an average altitude of over 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat’s cool climate and fertile red basalt soil combine to create ideal conditions for cultivating Arabica coffee, which is well-known for its exceptional quality. Da Lat Arabica coffee is distinguished by its rich, multi-layered aroma, elegant yet mild sourness, and impressive, sweet, and bitter aftertaste. The most famous varieties include Arabica Cau Dat Da Lat, which boasts a 99% hand-picked ripe fruit rate and is one of seven types of coffee selected by the world-renowned coffee chain Starbucks. VOCo Arabica Da Lat is produced by a miraculous crystallization process from the fertile land and a modern wet-processing technology that meets the strictest international food safety standards.

Cà phê nguyên chất 1
Pure coffee

Indeed, Da Lat has become a center for the Specialty Coffee wave, attracting coffee enthusiasts from all around the globe. When they sip a cup of specialty coffee, visitors will discover not just the incredible taste of Lam Dong province’s finest Arabica but also appreciate the meticulous care that goes into every step of the process to prepare this delicious brew.

Da Lat – Lam Dong is a place that feels both familiar and new, a place where unique, interesting, and wonderful experiences await every visitor.

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