Brightly Beautiful Da Lat in Winter

When the long rains ended, a bit of dry sunshine was not enough, tangerines rushed to the side of the cold winds on the majestic plateau. That’s when we learned that the mountain town had entered winter. Da Lat this season is strangely beautiful and brilliant. The flowers are entering the blooming season, the pine forests are ringing in the wind, the pure fragrance of heaven and earth seems to invite people’s hearts. Let’s accompany Mytour to discover  Da Lat in winter with all kinds of emotions!

Dubbed as one of the most worth-visiting cities in winter, this season the temperature in Da Lat can drop below 20 degrees Celsius, the weather is not cold, so visitors can still enjoy playing on the street.


Thành phố Đà Lạt đắm chìm trong biển sương sớm

Da Lat city is immersed in the sea of morning mist – Photo: Lu Quyen


Coming to Dalat in winter, we can fully absorb its inherent romantic and sad beauty. A little wind, a little dew and a little numbing cold are enough to make people nostalgic for the dream city forever.

Dịu dàng hương sắc Đà Lạt ngày đông

Gentle flavor of Da Lat in winter – Photo: HD photo




“Da Lat is winter, yellow flowers have just bloomed…” The lovely song reminds us of a golden winter in the mountain town. In the beautiful “cold sun” – the winter sun is not blinding yellow, but turns to a cool white color, through the flowers, leaves and trees, wild sunflowers bloom on the streets and hills of the city. Mountain.


Sắc vàng rực rỡ về trên cao nguyên Đà Lạt

Brilliant yellow on the plateau – Photo: collectibles


Strolling on the quiet streets, among the yellow wild sunflowers on both sides, breathing in the fresh air of the plateau, or walking hand in hand among the quiet pine forests, watching the pine light candles Waiting for Christmas, listening to the sound of pine trees ringing among the thousands, we will love winter more in the majestic Central Highlands.

Hoa dã quỳ Đà Lạt

The weather turns cold and dry, with both sunshine and gentle breezes, which are suitable for shooting, creating romantic or lovely poses next to the vast flower hills – Photo: Da Nang Fresh Flowers


Coming to Da Lat this season, you cannot miss a place to take pictures with wild sunflowers. Right from the time they were still going straight on Highway 20, the section through Di Linh and Duc Trong, the two sides of the road were filled with yellow flowers. The closer to Da Lat, the denser the wild sunflowers appear. Especially on the Lien Khuong – Duc Trong highway, the section from Lien Nghia town to Prenn pass can be considered as “the wild sunflower capital” with countless flowers and flowers, dyeing each hill yellow, running endlessly. along both sides of the highway.


Những đồng hoa trải dài hai bên đường quốc lộ Đà Lạt

Flower fields stretch on both sides of the highway – Photo: Trang Le


Or from Phi Nom junction (about 20km from Da Lat), along Highway 27 to Thanh My town, you will also have interesting experiences and emotions when you get lost in the yellow flower paths interspersed with tomato gardens. , the fruit-laden chili garden of Don Duong vegetable country. Looking up from below, the wild sunflowers are like golden streams flowing from the top of the hill, weaving among the pine forests, blending with the people’s fields and vegetable gardens, down to the road surface, bringing overwhelming feelings. indescribable.


Đồi hoa vàng rực len giữa những rừng thông Đà Lạt bạt ngàn

The hill of yellow flowers is shining among the vast pine forests – Photo: kelvin


Also yellow, but not as bright yellow as the yellow of wild sunflowers, Mimosa flowers bring a rare gentleness to the winter of Dalat. Along the hillsides, the lakeshore, and the silvery white foliage, are clusters of Mimosa flowers jubilantly blooming.

Mimosa nở rộ trên khắp các cung đường của thành phố Đà Lạt

Mimosa blooms all over the streets of Da Lat city – Photo: collectibles


Dubbed the “city of thousands of flowers”, here flowers bloom all year round. However, a special thing in this highland city is that when the winter weather begins to bring the cold into each street and every blade of grass, that is also the time when the flowers bloom the most.


Ngàn hoa khoe sắc bên hồ Xuân Hương trong dịp Festival hoa Đà Lạt

Thousands of flowers bloom by Xuan Huong Lake during the Da Lat Flower Festival – Photo: collectibles


City Park is the gathering place for most of Da Lat’s flowers. With a favorable location at the end of Xuan Huong Lake, this place attracts a large number of tourists to visit every winter. This is also the place where couples choose to take wedding photos, marking important events in life.


Vườn hoa thành phố Đà Lạt còn là nơi lý tưởng cho các đôi uyên ương chụp ảnh cưới

City flower garden is also an ideal place for couples to take wedding photos – Photo: Oh studio




Coming to Dalat in the last days of winter, visitors can also attend the Dalat Flower Festival, this is a festive event held every 2 years at the end of December (the month with the most beautiful weather of the year in Da Lat). ). The Flower Festival is an opportunity for the city to display and exhibit local vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants as well as from many other regions in the country and some other countries. The Flower Festival is also an activity honoring the value of flowers and floriculture, contributing to promoting the image and beauty of the city as well as the people of Da Lat.


Thành phố Đà Lạt rộn ràng chào đón Festival

Da Lat city is bustling to welcome the Festival – Photo: Jennie Tran


In particular, also in these last days of winter, visitors to Dalat can also admire the beautiful cherry blossom branches on the street. Cherry apricot is a fragile flower, there is a harmonious combination between the southern apricot blossom and the northern peach blossom to create a typical flower for this mountain town. The last days of winter – early spring is also the time when the cherry blossoms begin to bloom. Walking in the gentle pink color of the beautiful cherry apricot trees, we fall in love with the dear mountain town.


Hoa mai anh đào nở rộ hai bên đường Đà Lạt

Cherry apricot blossoms bloom on both sides of the road – Photo: Da Lat In Me




Da Lat is probably the most beautiful in winter. Early in the morning, the whole city was covered in mist, in the fantasy of Ho Xuan Huong. In the cold weather at dawn, there is nothing more wonderful than jogging around Xuan Huong Lake, breathing in the fresh morning air and watching the sun on the first day of winter. Da Lat is always an ideal place for winter days because of that.


Bình minh trên Hồ Xuân Hương

Dawn on Xuan Huong Lake – Photo: Khoa vu


Bình minh trên phố núi Đà Lạt luôn hấp dẫn những tay săn ảnh

Dawn on the mountain town always attracts paparazzi – Photo: Lu Quyen


In the beautiful winter weather in Da Lat, discovering and conquering famous and attractive places of the “foggy land” will be an indispensable choice, right?


Hồ Tuyền Lâm đẹp như tranh vẽ

Tuyen Lam Lake is as beautiful as a picture – Photo: Le Dang Khoa


You can wander all day on the poetic streets of Da Lat city, visit famous landmarks of the highland and mountain town such as: Valley of Love, Than Tho Lake, Mong Mo Hill, Prenn Waterfall, etc. … or conquer the majestic Langbiang peak.


Những cung đường tuyệt đẹp của thành phố ngàn hoa - Đà Lạt

The beautiful streets of the city of thousands of flowers – Photo: Eric Ma


Trên đỉnh Langbiang

On top of Langbiang – Photo: El DiPi

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